Goodwill Industries International

The Goodwill Industries International is a non-profit organization that helps people from underprivileged classes of society. It helps people who are uneducated, jobless and penniless, to be self-sufficient and live a decent life.

The organization is instrumental in providing education, job training, and placements for the needy. This kind of services make these people feel respected, valued, successful and dignified. The Goodwill Industries International is funded by a network of small countless thrift shops.

The Goodwill Industries International network has its presence in 16 countries around the world including the United States and Canada. In United States and Canada, the Goodwill Industries International network comprises of over 184 independent, community based organization known as "Goodwills".

Goodwill has around 74 million donors in United States and Canada and earns its income from the donations made by the people. The donations can be made in any form such as clothes, books, household items (in usable condition). Goodwill sells these donated items in its stores. Even if there are some items that the Goodwill stores cannot sell, they are somehow sold off in bulk to generate income.

Over 80 percent of the revenue that is earned by Goodwill Industries International is put into training, employment and placements. Since its inception, over 2.5 million people have benefited by the Goodwill Industries International. The organization has taken up a resolution to try and change the lives of 20 million people by the year 2020.

Goodwill Industries International works on the self-sustainability model where by it works with local stakeholders to build social enterprises. This leads to opportunities where these less privileged people can be trained and employed. This model has been followed by the Goodwill organization right from the time it came into existence.

The logo of Goodwill Industries International is a partial "g" styled in the corner of a box to form a smiling face. This signifies the purpose of the organization. This logo was designed by Joseph Selame.


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