Purpose of Goodwill Industries International

The mission of the Goodwill Industries International is to help people achieve their fullest potential in life through work. The goal is to ensure that every person finds a meaning, purpose and value in life. This will bring about the change in not only the person but the family and community at large.

Goodwill Industries International functions by taking the donations from people in the form of anything that is in good condition and is re-sellable. It then sells these things to generate money. The same money is used to train people and equip them to stand on their own feat. This will enable people to put into practice their skills and potential. This potential will boost the morale of the person and thereby make the person self-sufficient.

Ever since its establishment over a hundred years ago, Goodwill has worked only towards the objective of abolishing poverty by developing skilled resources. With the way Goodwill's service has changed the lives of millions, it has won the trust and confidence of many people and organizations. They in turn show their support to Goodwill by contributing money and time.

The expansion of Goodwill into the other parts of the world itself is an evidence of the tremendous work that the organization is doing good work. They follow the policies, strategies, technologies and techniques that can be adapted by a person of any generation to develop various skills. Their values include treating people with dignity and respect, honoring a person's heritage by being financially and socially responsible, striving to meet highest ethical standards, striving for excellence and embracing continuous improvement, change and creativity.

Till date, Goodwill has changed the lives (for the better) of millions of people in the United States and Canada alone, by creating numerous opportunities. Its objective is to spread this Goodwill to millions of people more in the next decade.


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