Goodwill Industries International History

In 1902, Reverend Edgar J Helms a Methodist minister in Boston Massachusetts, brought into practice the collection of old items that was collected as contributions of the congregation. He then trained people who were unemployed on how to clean and mend these old items.

These items were then redistributed or given to the needy. These needy people either used the items as they were or repaired and resold them. This formed the Morgan Memorial Cooperative Industries and Stores Inc. which flourished on this innovative principle of business.

Helms' idea was to form an industrial cum social service program that could provide training and employment for those who are under privileged. This could serve as a temporary source of help for those, whose resources were lost or used up. It is the reformed version of Helm's idea that has become the Vision of Goodwill Industries International.

By 1915, Helms invited a group of representatives to visit Morgan Memorial. This visit resulted in the Brooklyn representatives ready to adopt, adapt and incorporate the Morgan Memorial's innovative methodology.

The Brooklyn representatives decided to reform the name of Morgan Memorial and added the " Goodwill Industries" to the name. This was the beginning of the Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries. It was also the Brooklyn representatives' objective to take this mission to an international level.

Ever since the foundation, the growth of Goodwill Industries International has been phenomenal. It has not only changed the lives of millions of people, but has also won the hearts of many others. Today the presence of Goodwill Industries is throughout the world. Many nations are cooperating with Goodwill to bring a difference in the lives of people.

Today, after more than hundred years gone by, Goodwill Industries International has grown into a massive, famous not-for-profit organization which is getting richer by the billions. However, it still abides by what its founder thought of during its inception.


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